Apparel & Accessories

Best Selection in Our Area … We have the best selection of clothing, outerwear and accessories for snow sports and our summer sports activities.  We have a wide variety of apparel to suit your personal style while meeting your functional demands.  And we have the best accessories to pull it all together.  Whether you desire the latest and hippest fashion trends or you prefer a more conservative look, we have a great selection to choose from!

Interested in a Discount?  Our apparel is always discounted at least 10% off the ticket price.  We understand the challenges of making ends meet and that’s why we offer at least 10% off all our apparel, and often more.  Our bargain attic offers drastic reductions on current and past season items.  It’s worth the trip to the third floor to see what we have discounted!

We’re North Country Natives … Many of our staff are born and raised in the North Country.  We know how to dress to meet the demands of the North Country and we select each and every item in the shop to meet the demand of the North Country while still looking fabulous!

Are Kids Part of Your Equation?  They’re part of ours so we know how to dress kids to keep them warm, safe and having fun.  Like all of our adult products, our kid’s apparel is made from the finest fabrics, insulations and technical features.  This equates to durable clothes and outerwear that not only lasts for years but literally ‘grows with them.’   Most of our kids apparel has a ‘grow with me’ feature that extends sleeves and pant lengths by up to 1.5 inches when a seam is let out.  This means your kids can usually get more than one season out of their apparel.  We don’t need to tell you the value of that.

We have clothing and apparel from the best brands in the business…